"This technology is long overdue, and in a world where seconds, not minutes can mean the difference between success and failure, AnswerWorks is a product whose time has come. One of the biggest surprises occurred when AnswerWorks didn't find an answer to a question. It turns out that I hadn't addressed the subject in the text of my help file. What a wonderful surprise to find that AnswerWorks can serve as a valuable auditing tool as well in the way it was intended."
MJ Plaster, Help University
What is iSEEK Answerworks?
iSEEK AnswerWorks employs an intuitive, natural language interface and semantic search technology, users can phrase their questions in everyday language and receive more accurate results. This technology is licensable to companies who require superior help and documentation search.
What is iSEEK Answerworks?
iSEEK AnswerWorks™ is a search application developed by Vantage Linguistics (formerly distributed by Wextech product). The Answerworks™ product allows product development teams and help system authors to enrich their existing help systems with linguistic and natural language based search. When embedded in a local or online help system, AnswerWorks searches multiple help resources and targets the most relevant and likely answers to users' queries, saving time for everyone involved.
Because iSEEK AnswerWorks™ employs an intuitive, natural language interface and semantic search technology, users can phrase their questions in everyday language and receive more accurate results. Answers are ranked by relevance based on the meaning of the query, so the most likely answer is always at the top of the list. Users simply point and click to launch the topic that solves their problem without time-consuming searches or assistance from live customer support. AnswerWorks provides a large degree of automation that simplifies updating and maintenance. No linguistic expertise is necessary - it's all provided by built-in AnswerWorks technology.
iSEEK Answerworks™ is viewable in a variety of many software applications on the market and reaches many desktops. This is especially true for companies that understand that traditional help search is dependent on being able to answer user's questions with the most relevant results in the first or second hit in the results. Questions such as How do I deduct my car? Should understand that you want to deduct an automobile (tax code term) but not a motorcycle or a camper or boat and especially not just a bunch of documents with just about deductions that you have to scroll through. To learn more about how you can leverage Answerworks™ with your product, schedule a demo or read more about the product. ^ top
Is iSEEK Answerworks needed on my computer? How do I uninstall Answerworks?
iSEEK Answerworks™ is shipped with several software applications and is needed in order to provide the natural language help functionality within the products it ships with. Answerworks can be uninstalled by unistalling the product that it is shipped with. However if Answerworks™ is unistalled it can lead to an application's help search functionality to stop working. Answerworks™ is not a virus or spyware. It makes no connections to the network and collects no information. Answerworks is simply designed to make the self service experience more intuitive, intelligent, and efficient. ^ top
How do get the full version of iSEEK AnswerWorks?
iSEEK Answerworks is not downloadable as a separate installation and is only distributed with OEM vendor applications. ^ top