Press Release - December 2, 1010

iSEEK Medical to Present Curriculum Collaboration with Penn Medicine® at 2010 ICME Conference

Penn's Virtual Curriculum and iSEEK Medical's natural language discovery engine allow medical community to obtain the most relevant and authoritative search results

Abu Dhabi UAE and Ewing NJ USA, December 2, 1010 -

iSEEK, the world leader in the development of linguistic software solutions, will be presenting its iSEEK Medical curriculum search tool capability featuring The University of Pennsylvania's Penn Medicine on December 5th during the 2010 International Conference in Medical Education, the leading international meeting in medical education, being held December 4-7 at the YAS Island Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

"We are so proud to share the success of the University of Pennsylvania's use of iSEEK to assist students and physicians in obtaining the most relevant results from an online medical school curriculum, says Paul Edelblut, Vice President of iSEEK. "This technology partnership allows seamless integration of Penn Medicine's materials (lectures, notes, syllabi, laboratories), with other materials to create a continuum of learning for our students through all four years of their curriculum. Future directions will integrate customized learning pathways by student and mobile platform support allowing students access to these curricular sources at all times and from all locations."

Through the collaboration of Penn Medicine and the use of the iSEEK Medical Searchblade, the team has been able to deploy a unique program providing explicit access to more than 50GB of data in the Penn Medicine virtual curriculum. The program's core is centered on the use of iSEEK Medical Searchblade, which serves as an innovative technology providing targeted discovery and pulls from reputable and authoritative resources to produce relevant and meaningful responses to a posed query. The iSEEK Medical Searchblade uses advanced linguistic, conceptual, and artificial intelligence technologies to allow for meaningful information retrieval with natural language rather than relying on keywords or pattern algorithms.

This system enables medical professionals to obtain valuable search results, beyond typical keyword use leveraged in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

H. E. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE will serve as Patron for the 2010 ICME Conference. For more information on the iSEEK Medical Searchblade presented at the ICME Conference, please contact John Zoccola at 609-357-7357 or


Revolutionizing the search industry, iSEEK™ turns the burdensome task of finding what you are looking for into an exciting and unique experience. Rather than popularity-based, statistical keyword search, iSEEK™ analyzes words and their conceptual and contextual meanings and relationships to guide users to the answers they are seeking. Information is intelligently and dynamically organized into iViews™, presenting actionable results in targeted sets of answers, topics, people, organizations, and more. One of iSEEK's core technologies is the iSEEK Medical Searchblade, which has been helping to revolutionize the way clinicians search and find high-quality, evidence-based, clinically relevant resources.