Press Release - September 2, 2010

iSEEK™ Medical Wins Don Walker Award at 2010 Health Informatics Conference

iSEEK™ Medical places first in the "Access" category due to its natural language intelligence and strides in the health informatics industry.

Melbourne, Australia and Ewing, N.J., September 2, 2010 -

At the 18th annual Health Informatics Conference (HIC) in Australia, the theme was "Informing the Business of Healthcare." HIC has always, and continues to be, an important catalyst and forum for the development of e-health in Australia. This year, iSEEK™ Medical took home the coveted Don Walker Award. Presented for "exceptional contribution to improving health outcomes through innovation in health informatics," the award had many outstanding applicants, but iSEEK™ Medical stood out for their progress in the field.

The award is named after Dr. Don Walker, who has blazed a trail for the application of computers into Australian health care. Dr. Walker has made major contributions to Australian health informatics through his persistence and commitment to the field. This award honors a company following in his footsteps. iSEEK™ Medical's ability to access patient information and optimize medical search at the point of care proved to be the dominant factor in its taking home this prestigious award.

"We are honored to receive such a prestigious award," said Paul Edelblut, Vice President of iSEEK™ . This recognition goes a long way in validating our research and development. In addition to physicians utilizing our platform, medical students and practitioners looking to earn CME credits also use iSEEK™ as the authoritative resource to achieve their goals. We have been working with the University of Pennsylvania's Medical School, its Office of CME and its Best Practices CPD sites for a number of years and know they are thrilled as well with this validation."

iSEEK™ Medical has been helping to revolutionize the way clinicians search and find high-quality, evidence-based, clinically relevant resources. The natural language intelligence in iSEEK™ helps the engine understand the meaning embedded in the questions you ask. While other search engines merely return any documents that match keywords, iSEEK™ Medical uses advanced linguistic, conceptual and AI technologies to target the most relevant, useful and meaningful results every time.

"As physicians struggle with the conflict between the mandate to bring evidence-based medicine to the point of care and providing more services to more patients, iSEEK™ Medical provides that necessary bridge to improve the quality of patient care. Through this tool, physicians now have fast and easy access to make informed decisions based on information that has been scientifically validated through research," Edelblut continued.

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About iSEEK™ Medical

Revolutionizing the way clinicians search, iSEEK™ Medical turns the burdensome task of finding high-quality, evidence-based, and clinically relevant resources into a uniquely effective experience. The natural language intelligence in iSEEK™ allows the engine to understand the meaning embedded in the questions you ask, using advanced linguistic, conceptual and AI technologies to target the most relevant, useful and meaningful results every time.

The recent expansion of iSEEK™ into mobile services allows doctors to now access the same dynamic search and top-quality resources from the places they need them most-in the field, on the go and at the point of care.